Monday, March 09, 2009

High Speed Rail? (3)

More detail came out today on the State's plan for high speed rail. $10.7 Billion would be spent! While I don't buy high speed passenger service as transforming our economy, one part of this plan DOES make me SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE:

  • Adding at least three new intermodal facilities/inland ports across the state to serve the rapidly growing container segment of rail traffic. This would help remove long-haul trucks from highways and deliver products to consumers faster.

Can we talk GRIFFISS PORT now???

Rail, Highway, Air, and Canal are all here.  If Griffiss International Airport is chosen as the site of one of the three intermodal facilities/inland ports, our albatross of a County Airport could conceivably "take off" and transform the Utica/Rome economy at the same time.  There are no guarantees, of course . . .but I always thought that Griffiss' only chance for success was as a cargo port.

Messrs. Arcuri, Picente, Valesky, Griffo, Townsend, Gray and Ms. Destito:  Make it Happen!


Anonymous said...

Griffiss as an air cargo port has been studied and marketed for at least 30 years. When it was an air force base, then Congressman Mitchell funded a joint military/ civilian cargo study and plan. The sense has always been that the lack of an adequate north/south highway infrastructure was a primary obstacle. Places like the Syracuse airport and the ex base near Newburg do have better highway networks. Whether these issues remain the same today is another matter. One would think that EDGE would be "all over" this possibility in a realistic fashion. Realism is essential to prevent the chasing of windmills as this area seems to historically do.In other words, an idea or concept should be dealt with objec tively and comprehensively before one jumps into a, "Make it happen" mode.

Anonymous said...

A high speed train should go from point A to point B. Much as the NYC to Washington train did or still does. Stopping numerous time in the middle is kind of like putting the traffic lights on the 840. I think more some thought into fixing what they have or making it more convenient to get to NYC would be in order. Is there a train to Toronto? In order to get to NYC in the morning you have to drive to Schectady to make it. The scheduling stinks and the existing trains are horrible.

Anonymous said...

Great article in today's Syracuse paper in Section E. Talks about the need, and who is going to use it just to save an hour. Also discusses the daily bus from Syracuse that goes to NYC. I have to agree that the better spent monies should be directed to the transportation hub.