Thursday, March 26, 2009

Divide New York?

While the piece of legislation to split Upstate from the rest of New York is probably more an expression of alienation than a viable proposal, it is a clear indication that all is not well in New York.

Splitting Upstate away IS the answer if we cannot find a way to make NYS work as a whole again.

It all goes back to the reapportionment of the State Legislature forced on us by the US Supreme Court. The Court got it wrong. States have the right to choose their own government, and if they want to ensure that certain constituencies are heard, they have that right.

The decision from the 60s needs to be looked at anew.


Greens and Beans said...

If only we could change back time. Annexing the City of New York from the remainder of the state would be “a dream come true.” Imagine being able to charge for the clean/green hydro power the downstate elite are attempting to rob from upstate. Think about charging for the thousands of New York City inmates we house for them.

The upstate verses downstate debate in terms of the economic give and take of markets would favor upstate. New York City is more dependent on upstate goods than they realize. The agriculture industry of upstate is second to none. Upstate farming feeds the majority of the population of New York City. Think of the benefit to the State’s agricultural sector if it could recoup the costs that are used to subsidize the markets and ultra-posh restaurants in the City. Now the profits that are realized by upstate farms are taxed and returned to New York City by the State politicians.

Even losing the downstate seaports should not be a big concern to an upstate government. However, utilizing the Hudson and Saint Lawrence Rivers as ports would revitalize the economies of Albany and the Northern communities of the State. Perhaps we could even the economic playing field by abolishing the thruway tolls.

Thanks Strikeslip for allowing me this pleasant dream of upstate prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Strikeslip, I know this post is from years ago, but here's my 2 cents;

Back in 2010 Howie Hawkins ran for NY Governor, he was green party, he planned to tax wall street, which the state haven't taxed them since I think the 1930's.

Green Beans mentioned it's the Rich who are downstate, that's sorta true, because they live near Poughkeepsie which is where the GOP Elite live, but there's also another den they use, which is Glens Falls -another spot where the Rich GOP Elite live.

I don't think splitting NY would solve the problem because the Elite are both downstate and upstate. I also disagree with Greenbeans on chargind downstate, because there is a time when we need downstate -it's like how BIG OIL wants to frack the Southern Teir, we need them not only to defend Canonsvile Resivoir which supply's NYC's water, but also to help us stop BIG OIL from ruining our clean air, our water, and our magestic landscape (the Enchanted Mountains, the Poconos (NY's part), and the Catskills.

I found this article, thinking it would be about earthquake faults in NY, but when I read that article it wasn't. Maybe its because of the title Fault and your screen name Strikeslip which is a type of earthquake fault near Elmira.

Well either way, the GOP are in charge now, and Cuomo is basically a Republican with a Blue Tie -thanx to the Koch Brothers, so we can kiss the environment, our health, farmland, and tourism goodbye :/