Thursday, March 05, 2009

Say Good Night, Utica Monday Night . . .

This breaks my heart, but Utica Monday Night may have to go.

Uticans are being pushed against the wall with government created costs. The proposed increases in city taxes, school taxes, county taxes, and water and sewer fees are simply too much.

We all need entertainment, and have had some good years with UMN. But let's face it, this entertainment is a Regional Amenity - one of those things among many that make it worthwhile for us to live in the Mohawk Valley. But it is one of those things that the people of Utica can no longer afford to host. In addition to the performers, there are police that need to be paid to keep everyone safe. There are DPW workers that need to be paid to clean up afterward. But right now, the people of Utica are being tapped to pay for sewer fixes for people living in the suburbs. Should the people of Utica also be expected to pay to entertain the people who live elsewhere?

Bye Bye, Boilermaker? So Long St. Patrick's Day Parade? Farewell Fourth of July?

Moving these events elsewhere is impracticable because no place else is centrally located to the population that would attend. None of the surrounding communities probably even has the ability to host such events on the scales that they are.

Say Good Night, Utica Monday Night :-(


Anonymous said...

Utica Monday Night's run was over several years ago.

If the small group of people that enjoy the activity desire it to continue, let them raise the money out of their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. First off, the last few years they barely had any music... It was all walk and talk with the historical society... More of Utica looking backwards. Second, when they did have music, it was old cruddy boring stuff... country, blues, polka, classic rock, and hippie jam bands. I didn't hear any newer stuff, like hip hop, techno (THERE WAS A DANCE VENUE FOR PETES SAKE... How can you NOT have techno spinning???), nu-metal, punk, heavy metal, grunge, alternative, etc. So usually you end up with a crowd of 40+ sitting around, while the 18-35 year olds were running around, complaining, and trying to find something to appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Utica Monday night has become boring and repetitive. It and programs like it should raise their money privately or be discontinued. Most of the events of its type including the ones mentioned in the post should be privately funded with City services covered by a fee that the sponsor pays. If they go away, it would mean that not enough people cared to sustain the event. With the ever increasing cost of government and no creative public sector responses, all but necessary basic service functions should be weaned from the public dollar. Perhaps that would force an examination and response that is so lacking in our so- called community leadership. As to the posted point about suburban feebies; all should have skin in the game. It is not at all unreasonable for non Uticans to pay user fees. It's akin to the fact that nearly 50% of Americans pay no income tax. Without having to pay, why would they not keep supporting "free" government services and expansion?