Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are NOT the Mohawk Valley . . .

Last week it was this: Group works to unite the Mohawk Valley
The dateline on the story was "Mohawk Valley, N.Y."
Genesis began with six local businesses and community leaders who wanted to give the region a fresh start by unifying the area that spans from Cooperstown to Rome and has close to 300,000 residents.

On Sunday it was this: Guest view: Gov. Paterson really needs to pay the Mohawk Valley a visit
The O-D, in Nov. 8 editorial, called upon the governor to hold a town meeting in the Mohawk Valley even though he had held one in Syracuse — predicated on the fact that “we have problems unique to our region…”

Enter, Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce. In June of this year, the chamber formally invited Gov. Paterson to provide the keynote address at a Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce 2008 Business Congress. The Congress was to be held in this fall, created to provide business leaders, the governor and selected state agency officials, an opportunity to exchange ideas, and create initiatives to meet the problems endemic in our region.

It was the chamber’s belief that this Congress could serve as a foundation to begin a strong partnership that would lead to improving the economic wellbeing for the people of the Mohawk Valley.

There was no response to the chamber’s invitation . . .
Genesis, and the MV Chamber of Commerce, just don't get it . . . .

"WE" are NOT the "Mohawk Valley!"

Here is how OTHERS see the "Mohawk Valley" (courtesy of Wikipedia):

"Major cities

Genesis lies when it talks about "uniting the Mohawk Valley" when it leaves out Amsterdam, Gloversville, Johnstown, Rotterdam and Schenectady.

The "Mohawk Valley" Chamber of Commerce certainly would not be satisfied if the Governor chose to visit the Mohawk Valley by making a stop in Rotterdam.

Simply put, the name "Mohawk Valley" does not describe who we are.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Wikipedia page and you will see "Metro areas: . . . . Utica/Rome." That is how OTHER people see US.

On Sunday we were given a well-deserved lecture on how our "negativism" is a turn off to outsiders and is bringing us down. . . .

Isn't trying to shove "Mohawk Valley" down our throats when the label does not fit a prime example of the negativism at work?

Stop the negativism. . . . Stop trying to make us be something we are not . . . Start being proud of who we really are!



Matthew K. Tabor said...

To The Genesis Group and its ilk:

Cooperstown in the Mohawk Valley?

Apologies to folks in the Mohawk Valley, in or around the Utica/Rome Metropolitan area, or whatever manufactured label a gaggle of dolts chooses as they shamelessly ring in 2009, but I didn't grow up in the Mohawk Valley and I don't live there now. Though it's a fine place, it isn't mine.

The Genesis Group seems awfully eager to drop Cooperstown's name, but, oddly enough, I don't see "Otsego County" on their website - and I also don't see anyone from Otsego County on their Board of Trustees. Would it be cynical to suggest that stretching this brave, new 'Mohawk Valley' through Otsego County is an attempt to cash in on a few of our unique cultural resources for the sake of shinier, more sparkly PR?

The Genesis Group also seems to be interested in education. They should know that I'm available for private tuition should they decide that lessons on history, geography and identity are in order.

I'll throw in sessions on fraudulence and gerrymandering for free.

Unapologetically yours,

Matthew K. Tabor

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand exactly why it's bad to be called The Mohawk Valley. I call the area the Utica area, Utica/Rome, CNY, Upstate NY AND The Mohawk Vally. I don't have a problem with any of that.

I've lived in the Piedmont/Triad since 1998. Do you know how much area that encompasses? 12 counties! All the counties seem to work fairly well together, and each county calls itself the Piedmont/Triad. Here's a wikpedia link in case anyone is interested in it.

I understand having pride in where you're from. I'm very proud to be from Clinton, Utica, The Mohawk Valley, Upstate NY, Central New York...whatever you want to call it. I make a point of correcting people, who, when they hear that I'm from New York, assume it's the city. I make sure they know that Utica is nowhere near Manhattan. But I don't have a problem with Rotterdam and Utica both being part of the Mohawk Valley.

For the record, I have no idea what the Genesis Group is (other than a cool band!), so don't think I'm defending them in anyway. I'm not, since I don't know what they are.

Anonymous said...

The negativity of the area correseponds directly to the economic conditions of the area. A positive brightness is found in areas that are ubeat about the future. In other words araes that are growing. Our area has been contracting for quite some time.If the amenities of the area have not been enough to stem the brain drain and population decline, they simply aren't enough to foster a positive attitude within the community. It is foolhearty to think or expect that pretty scenery,driving distances and the other quality of life issues frequently raised can overcome few good job opportunities, excessive taxation,extreme regulation, the absence of a young, bright managerial class and declining property values.

Anonymous said...

Am I wrong when I say that the Mohawk Valley is the entire basin which forms the Mohawk River? Which means it stretches across the State. Maybe that would include the other cities you added in for inclusion, like Amsterdam, etc. I think we need to decide who we are first and foremost before we can expect others to get it, eye?
Even Central New York is not well defined. I saw a map the other day, I will try to find it, and it had from the Southern Tier to Syracuse and us here in Oneida County as CNY. I remember being told by some folks from Syracuse that we were not included in the CNY area. FYI: Didn't spelchek. LOL. From: Rob (315Stuff.com).

Anonymous said...

Finally!!! Strike has been on this for a long time. I have been hammering it at the leg. Now Mattew is on board. When will our media and other so-called leaders finally get the message? We are NOT the Mohawk Valley! We are, and always have been the Utica/Rome area. Great post Strike!


Anonymous said...

Kim, I understand you take and lack of real concern about what we are known as. After all, it's your leaders that you should expect to understand the details and real reasons why we must define ourselves correctly. Problem is that our leaders clearly don't quite get it. The term "Mohawk Valley" is beautiful, but it doesn't help identify us or market us to large employers or tourists. Ever try looking for the "Mohawk Valley" on a map?

It's marketing101 and this is EXACTLY why MV EDGE needs to go and whipe those arrogant smirks off their self induldging faces. They have FAILED. When will someone finally ring the horn on them? It's OVER. They, along with ever other group around here (Media, Genesis, etc.) have brainwashed our elected leaders (excluding a SMALL portion) into talking the MV talk too. Everytime I get a letter from Arcuri, Destito, Griffo, Picente, etc. they are saying "Mohawk Valley." Does it make them feel cool? I don't get it. Will someone finally step-up and say enough is enough? Our ancesters are rolling in their graves watching what these people have done.

Let's start the debate!


Anonymous said...

As Utica goes so goes the Mohawk Valley, rebuild Utica and you rebuild the Mohawk Valley.

Just focus between the thruway and (the missing) Bagg’s Square.

Rebuild the core first, the core is Utica.

Anonymous said...

Strike, PLEASE take a look at this and give your take on it...




Anonymous said...

Will change the name of the Utica back to Fort Schuyler and the Genesis Group changes their name to Geriatric Group.