Sunday, November 02, 2008

Forewarned is Forearmed . . .

Susan Arcuri at JusticeDenied13501 notes that about 6,000+ absentee ballots have been requested of the Oneida County Board of Elections, and expresses concern over potential voter fraud. 6000 is a lot of votes in Oneida County and could easily swing an election! She suggests that pole watchers familiarize themselves with the names of those recently deceased to ensure that "they" do not vote. (One wonders why voter lists are not purged whenever a death certificate is filed.)

Anyway, "Forewarned is Forearmed" as the old saying goes.


Greens and Beans said...

Susan M. Arcuri warns us to what could be a good point of interest. Rufie was an observant student of the old Chicago surprise! His mentor would have been former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. Mayor Daley had a reputation of resurrecting the dead in order to ensure Democratic victories. As I referred to in an earlier blog post; beware “the fix may be in” again. If only the good Congressman could learn from a couple of the State legislative officials who are running for reelection. They seemed to find (or possibly hire) a politically semi-deceased “ringer” as their opponent. If he had followed their lead, he would not have to resort to the “deadly” absentee ballot trick. And I thought that the raising of Lazarus was a miracle. In actuality this is one miracle that can be politically replicated.

Anonymous said...

Every year for the last 2 years the election place I go to does not have me in their roll book. Voted the same place for 40 years prior to this. They make me fill out a paper form and usually is quite a task becacuse no one know quite what to do. It is even a project to find the paper forms under the pile of pizza and cookies. Don't even think about asking a question because they don't know. Seems like a annual get together for the poll inspectors. Best part is after I fill it out and lick the envelope and hand it to them, they still never even asked who I was, where I lived or and question that would make me a part of the voting process. I could have been an illegal immigrant and still voted. Nice system!!

Anonymous said...

Strike, nothing would suprise me less. There are so many actors that would benefit from cooking votes areound here I wouldn'tknow where to begin.

I DO know that a lot of deceased names are being checked and doublechecked.

If it comes up cooked the list of suspects is long.

Also, on the web: I've notice that the stalwart "Arcuri supporters" were timid and quiet just before the election, and now that Arcuri eeked out this win they're up there talking about eating lobstertail with Mike and partying.

Doesn't that give you confidence? To think that people close to him look at things this way?

Also it was wierd that Arcuri hid in a room all night and didn't mingle but for the last few moments, but Hanna showed at Hotel UT early and made the night great!