Monday, November 24, 2008

Poised for Take Off???

Per today's OD: County airport poised for takeoff.
Recent changes at Oneida County’s Griffiss International Airport have positioned it to become an economic driver for the area, officials say.
To the "officials:" Where's the business plan?
  • What is the need that this over-sized airport will fill?
  • What data exists and what assumptions are being made to support any conclusion that this albatross can ever be made profitable?
  • What data exists and what assumptions are being made to support any conclusion that this albatross will ever return more to the taxpayers than is being taken from them

From the discussion we heard last summer, I think we all know that there is no business plan and no supporting data . . . just a lot of assumptions and hi-flying dreams and aspirations.

Our "officials" need to find a regional need (not Utica-Rome, but NE US) for Griffiss International to fill . . . and they better find it fast. If they don't, this "economic driver" is going to drive us . . . . right over a cliff!

5PM Update: Just a thought ... Maybe the county could contact our local Utica-Rome chapter of SCORE for some advice on developing a Business Plan!


Anonymous said...

You're right. It is a shame and a problem that continues to plague this area.Edge and other powers to be, have neglected for over 10 years now, more important parts of the county like Utica. Rot starts from the inside and works it's way out-and Utica is our core no matter how much Rome or Herkimer are in denial. More importantly like you stated,there really is no business plan or vision-in writing for what is going on in this area and how projects like Griffiss fit into that plan. Throwing millions of tax-payer dollars into projects that benefit large corporate and political interests without explanation and accountability, and how it fits into the plan, has to stop. Taxpayers can't afford it, and they have to insist on knowing how projects like Griffiss and others like the 840 intersection fit into the business plan or vision of the community, then hold those involved accountable. Ingesting millions of dollars in local tax money or state-federal "pork" at Griffiss may temporarily create a feeling of "fullness" prosperity and growth in pocket areas,but the reality and the statistics clearly state otherwise. Especially when the "pork" is selectively handed out to many hungry constituents.
That meal is but one meal, with no clear plan for sustainance in the future-only the thought of where we can get the next portion of "pork" from?

Anonymous said...

There can be no business plan because there is no business model that could justify or substantiate a profitable airport. It is all a sham based on the Rome lobby and the availabilty of federal money which paid for the move.Having an "international airport" with no air service would be very funny if one could soemhow diregard the losses.