Saturday, November 29, 2008

NYPA: Doing Something Right . . .

Here's a bit of Utica news . . . from the Buffalo WIVB Channel 4 website: New York Power Authority Trustees will hold public meeting

The story reported that NYPA was going to hold a trustee meeting in Buffalo on Nov. 19 . . .

This forum, however, marks the first time that members of the public are invited to participate by speaking at the meeting to the members of the NYPA Board of Trustees. Any individuals wishing to address the trustees at the meeting are asked to contact the Power Authority at (914) 287-3035. Remarks will be limited to five minutes.

The Western New York venue and the new open format mark the first of many efforts the Power Authority will undertake under the leadership of its new president and chief executive officer, Richard M. Kessel, to be more transparent and accessible to the public.

In fulfillment of the pledge to continue holding trustee meetings around the state, Mr. Kessel also indicated that the December trustee meeting will be held in Utica, New York, on December 16.

This is a pretty big deal . . . The high cost of power is one of those things that holds the Utica-Rome area back . . . and NYPA controls an awful lot of the Upstate inexpensive hydropower that converges on Utica from two directions.

It's nice to see that NYPA is willing to listen to the public . . . RIGHT HERE . . .

It's not so nice to have to go to Buffalo media to find out what's happening in Utica. It may be only a press release, but it's important to us. Where are you O-D, WKTV, Sentinel, and WIBX?

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Greens and Beans said...

The answer to your question is: They (the local media) are waiting for this Blog to bring it to their attention.

Investigative journalism in the Utica/Rome area seems to be an oxymoron. Job well done Strikeslip!