Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taking Incompetence to New Heights . . .

From the Sentinel we find out that the proposed lease of the Old Oneida County Airport to the State for 15 years will be voted on, on Wednesday. All the prime land will be going to the State, leaving little for industrial development.
"Some lawmakers and business officials had hoped benchmarks would be inserted into the lease so the county could take the land and buildings back for reuse if the state center did not develop as expected. There are no such milestones in the proposed agreement."
Why are there no Milestones?

If the State was sincere in its efforts, it would consent to milestones -- and consent to the County canceling the lease if milestones are not met within a specified period.

It appears that the County has not insisted on milestones. WHY NOT? Could it be to ensure that the old airport is no competition for Griffiss?

Let's see what the Greater Utica legislators do with this one since they have the most to lose on this deal. Will they speak out against it and vote against it . . . or will they do what they usually do and play Nice Nice to protect their political behinds?

Like the Sewer subterfuge, our County Legislature -- and the Utica legislators especially -- take incompetence to new heights.

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