Monday, September 17, 2007

"The contract is going to be passed next week."

"The contract is going to be passed next week," said Board of Legislators Chairman Gerald J. Fiorini regarding the contract between Oneida County and Mohawk Valley EDGE. Mr. Fiorini held things up just to make sure that the contract met with his satisfaction concerning the promotion of the Griffiss industrial park in Rome. But how about the Old Oneida County Airport property? Or how about the Marcy "Nanocenter" site? Or how about the Bossert and Bendix sites in Utica? Will they be getting the same treatment? Who knows?

"The contract is going to be passed next week" . . . I guess it doesn't really matter about the other sites because Rome is what Mr. Fiorini cares about and he already knows that the contract will pass. Nice for Mr. Fiorini that he can take the votes of the entire Legislature for granted.

Too bad for the people . . . they have paid for a rubber stamp.

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