Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rome Helping Utica . . .

The story about Rome police helping Utica police is a welcome bit of news, especially for the besieged people of Cornhill.

What isn't quite understood is why no help from New Hartford, Whitestown, or the various Villages nearby. Those areas will have a lot to lose if Utica goes under.

Perhaps it takes a City to understand the problems of another City, and know what to do.

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RomeHater said...

It seems to me that Utica is trying to add to their police force on the cheap. The training costs will still be held by the city of Rome. And if a Rome police officer is injured, the Rome Police medical plan will compensate him.

I'm all for Rome officers getting out of their cars and walking once in a while, I just don't want it to become welfare for the city of Utica, whose criminals set up shop in Rome more than the other way around.