Friday, September 28, 2007

Playing Chicken with the Water Supply . . .

This is not an unprecedented drought . . . if drought is even an appropriate word . . . but the water level in Hinckley Reservoir is at an all time low. Canal Corp. has now decided to switch from Hinckley and draw more on other reservoirs. Per the OD:
Near-miss at Hinckley: The move relieved drainage pressure on depleted Hinckley Reservoir, where outflow has been cut more than 60 percent. On Thursday, the reservoir dropped to within 3 feet of the point at which drinking water for Mohawk Valley Water Authority customers might have been disrupted, the state said.
Within 3 feet? After dropping 11 feet this past month? That's too close for comfort!

Canal Corp. certainly has a bone to pick with the Mohawk Valley Water Authority's failure to replenish the flow with water from its own (now demolished) reservoir . . . but playing with the safety of 130,000 people is a bit over-the-top don't you think? Not to mention that water levels in the West Canada Creek are now reported as going below 160 CFS -- the minimum needed for maintaining aquatic life. Ever do an environmental impact statement on that move, Canal Corp.? How about our environmental laws? How about the riparian rights of people living along West Canada Creek? Did the state condemn the entire flow of the West Canada (minus the reserve for the Water Authority) so it could dry the creek up? That is doubtful.

If the Canal Corp. is trying to prove a point in its dispute with MVWA, it is losing a lot of potential allies.


Cato said...

Why is Hinckley so low?

We've had summers where we've received less rainfall. What has suddenly happened to threaten the Valley's water supply so dramatically?

Anonymous said...

I wonder who will be sleeping with the fishes on this one. You can also kiss the "chip plant" goodbye. Everyone who is in future competition with us on anything remotely like a chip plant with certainly LEAK the current state of affairs with anyone who will listen. That sucking sound you hear is the hopes of our future going down the drain

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, there are those of us that think NOT getting a chip plant IS progress. A second Lowes 5 miles from the first one isn't progress either. I keep moving further and further away from such sprawl in attempt to find some tranquility. If what they're doing is progress, then I guess I'm anti-progress.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... "I keep moving further and further away from such sprawl in attempt to find some tranquility" Did you ever think your part of the problem?!

Anonymous said...

So if I move to a modest efficient home in the country, drink well water, and enjoy the peaceful serenity, I'm a part of a problem? I would never force anyone to reside amongst rotting decay and empty buildings and factories, or insinuate they were a part of some problem if they did. What I do have a problem with is that they will leave these buidings to rot, build more in the name of progress, and rape my backyard in order to do it.

Live and let live.