Saturday, August 11, 2007

Protecting "People" . . . or Keeping Things Secret? Part 3

More news today about on-line records at the Oneida County clerk's office - on the editorial page.
"One of DePerno's first acts of office was to pull the data from the Internet because it contained as many as 20,000 Social Security numbers and a handful of bank account numbers."
Last week we were told by former OC Clerk Rick Allen:
""There were not very many. It was rare," he said of the records containing the Social Security numbers."
Can both statements be correct -- because they sound contradictory? We know where Rick Allen's statement came from -- but it needs to be clarified. We don't know where the "20,000" number comes from.

Somehow I'm getting the impression that the public is being manipulated into accepting keeping public records off line.

11:00 PM Update:
Holy Hawkeye! Gear follows the money and come up with who may be calling the shots.


New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

This is a joke! Like only honest people work in law offices and abstract companies or will go through the trouble of getting a password.

Sandy DePerno used the attention brought to the public by the press regarding a few social security numbers and public "fear" of identity theft to get elected. However, at this point it is very clear her knowledge of how to make PUBLIC records available online and still provide security to the PUBLIC is limited at best. I used the database extensively when it was online and I never once saw a social security number.

What we really have are elected officials doing their best to keep PUBLIC records away from the public. Seems to be an epidemic in our area. Maybe it is about time that the OD does an in-depth story on how timely our local governments respond to requests for public information in accordance with Freedom of Information requests instead of reporting on some of the "fiddle-faddle" that regularly appears in their paper.

Jason said...

The Editorial serves only to muddy the waters. Wouldn't it be nice to have fair and objective reporting - regardless of the issue.

There does appear to be some political "motivation" in this Editorial and true to style and form...the Editorial Board does not serve the public well.

It becomes obvious to this reader that Ms. DePerno has absolutely no knowledge of data structuring and/or data mining - regardless of how put out on the internet for public view.

I do agree with Strikeslip that there is an appearance of maintaining on-going SECRECY of any and all PUBLIC documents.