Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Oneida County Deal?

The Sentinel reports that:
"Prominent businessman Harold "Tom" Clark Jr. is about to become the landlord of the county Health Department. . . ."
Ninety county employees will move into space in two floors of Clark's Adirondack Bank Building, which will be the subject of a five year lease.
"Clark bought the high-rise for $1 from the City of Utica in 1996. . .

"Clark also is the owner of McDonald’s fast-food restaurants in the area. He is the former chairman of Mohawk Valley EDGE. The 1965 graduate of Utica College became the school’s first $1 million donor in 1996."
Now, this deal begs the question: Was this put up for competitive bidding? Isn't there a lot of other office space downtown -- such as the City Center Building?

Another OC "bolt from the blue?" . . . or is it "Insider Trading?"

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