Friday, August 31, 2007

New Hartford Nonsense . . .

Taxpayers keep getting the run-around from their New Hartford Town Government. Cathy at New Hartford Online requested a copy of the 2007 Tentative Town assessment database back in May. The Town refused citing a case that had nothing to do with Cathy's particular request (and even though the town had provided such information previously). The Town Board, when given proper case law, was forced to reverse the decision (although Councilman Payne curiously voted against this). Then the Town tried to pass off a August 2006-dated database as the 2007 database! This was followed by another database that was updated only through September 2006. Remember, all these were supposed to be the updates into 2007. The requested database has yet to be supplied.

It's pretty apparent that someone does not want the updated assessment information to be posted on Cathy's website.

It's pretty apparent that some Town employee or official has no regard for the citizens paying their salaries.

It's pretty apparent that someone needs to be fired!

Get all the sordid detail on Cathy's blog at: Insubordination...Dereliction of Duty...and/or just plain Secrecy? Part 1

[If this is just Part 1, what more nonsense and outrageous behavior will we read in Part 2?]


Anonymous said...

It appears that it is a case of Government for Government again. except its on the local level. Wouldn't it be easier just to to take legal action and win the war by holding someone accountable for this constant "Foil Go Round" in the town of New Hartford. I am disappointed that my tax dollars are being used to circumvent the ones who paid the taxes to begin with

Anonymous said...

Typical NH GARBAGE. How long till there are people who will run for office that wont do this junk.