Friday, March 23, 2007

Population Down ... So Things are Looking Up ...

Break out the rose-colored glasses ... An estimate by the census bureau that Oneida County lost only 15 people this past year is a reason to be optimistic ...

"I think our numbers are starting to moderate the loss of people in our community," said state Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito, D-Rome. "I think we're beginning to attract good jobs and people are staying in the area."

Of course, the story lacks the real explanation why Oneida County's population loss seemed to moderate last year: Sex Offenders. As of July '06, 39 sex offenders had become new residents in CNY Psych Center, with 100s more expected to come in the following months. We have no idea how many regular prisoners may have also been added to the local state prisons.

When the new sex-offender bill passes we'll probably break out the champagne and proclaim we've turned a corner!

Like the story on job growth that we blogged about 2 days ago, our elected and non-elected leaders are giving us a snow job, leaving out important details -- Like the fact that Oneida County's population has dropped 26+% since 1970 and all projections are for same to continue to 2030. Meanwhile, our public infrastructure with its associated public employees: roads, waterlines, sewer lines, schools and various other publicly-supported institutions -- continues to expand -- meaning fewer people paying increasing bills. It can't go on.

No -- We are in and for the last 30 years have been in a downward death spiral. Our quality of life will continue to decline until we elect leaders who (1) don't need the job and can't be bought off, (2) are honest, (3) have some intelligence, (4) have some humility, (5) are willing to listen, (6) can work with others, (7) place the welfare of the community above their own party and political career and (8) have the gumption to say no to special interests.


Rebecca Mecomber said...

Wow, the qualifications you've set for new leaders are so very true.

So, when are you running, Strikeskip? ;) ;)


Anonymous said...

Sound to me like Earle Reed, Joe Griffo, Joe Timpano, Dan Gilligan and their accomplices need to "buy" the farm...and soon.

Everything these people say is less than the truth and it hurts this community when we are straddled with so much debt.

Early retirement for the above is long overdue. Oops, I forgot, Superintendent Mettelman, BOCES.

When will Oneida County and surrounding communities have their RENAISSANCE?