Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Bloggers on the Block

Sometimes things in CNY seem like a circus . . . and that is the premise behind Paul Ennis' CNY Circus Blog. A Big Welcome to Paul as he jumps through hoops to comment on life and trends in our region... An entertaining read that has been added to Fault Lines' Blog List., is an animal of a different sort. It's not really a blog, but a website that is still developing ... so we're not quite sure what will become of it. We'd offer a Welcome, but no one has stepped forward to take responsibility (hehehe). But what is there is a very active forum that is "no holds barred" and offers promise of fumigating all the political BS that permeates Utica. We only hope that UticaSux gets regionalized -- because there is plenty of BS in the region to go around. Anyway, a link is being added on Fault Lines' Forums List for this "must visit" site.

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