Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Other Peoples' Blogs

Some interesting reading is to be had in other regional blogs.

Dan at Upstream is looking at the very Profitable (for some CEOs etc) world of Non-Profits.
There is a comparison between Planned Parenthood and Crisis Pregnancy Center, as well as a listing of salaries for two down valley not-for profit public radio stations.

Justice Denied 13501 is looking at multiple source documents and coming to some interesting conclusions regarding who is pulling all the strings in the Greater Utica Puppet Show. His/Her opinion:

"There seems to be a continuum of players, all in strategic places, who hold the ability to make decisions that make possible transactions, which suffice in reaching to some degree, satisfaction in reaching their goals....gluttonous monetary gain."


New Hartford Online is going to great lengths to examine each and every Bond Proposal that will be before the New Hartford voters on Thursday (12 noon-8PM). Anything you ever wanted to know (and more) about these proposals is right there.

Citizen Journalism Lives.

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