Friday, July 19, 2013


Why Is the City Applying for a Grant . . .

. . . When the project is already being built by the State?

 Per the OD: Region pitches economic development projects
More money for Genesee Street improvements. An extension of the Rayhill Trail to the Utica Memorial Auditorium. And a push to continue development in Bagg’s Square. Those are among the 10 applications for funding under this year’s statewide regional economic development competition from groups across the city.
But the extension of the Rayhill Trail to the Utica Aud is already part of the State's North South Arterial Project.  So why the "economic development" project? What "group" from across the city is seeking this?  Or is there something we are not being told?

What in heaven's name would be accomplished by linking a trail with the auditorium? In all seriousness would someone please explain? Perhaps I am missing something.And, the problem with pouring more taxpayer money into Bagg Sq. and downtown is that subsidizing and encouraging more retail development is a very poor use of our money. Retail simply shifts money around from one retail use to another. The need of our area is to use funds and creativity to create primary jobs, not secondary retail jobs. More bars and restaurants are the last things we need.
I tend to agree that trail development is just a waste of money. Primary jobs that create wealth that then can be spent locally would be better spent.
Small companies that are established could use the money for new process or equipment. They are the ones that need the assitance but do not get the attention of Economic Development groups. Lets help out the ones who stay and work eveyday getting products out the door that sell locally and to international markets.
Silence DoGood makes and excellent point. Much more emphasis needs to be spent on encouraging the development of non retail small business including new businesses. We have many examples in the past of start ups here that grew to create significant numbers of new, primary jobs. They include companies like PAR Technology and Fiber Instruments. The Utica application does nothing to advance our, and the city's real needs; that of private sector, primary job creation.
While I agree with all the above comments, isn't it odd that someone wants to seek a grant to do something that is already supposed to be done by the state? Is the state eliminating the bike trail from the arterial project (after using it to gain favor in the environmental review process) . . . Or is someone at city hall merely using the trail as a pretext to get grant money which will go elsewhere? The story is incomplete.
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