Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Party of Limited Government???

House rejects bid to curb spy agency data collection
A U.S. spy program that sweeps up vast amounts of electronic communications survived a legislative challenge in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, the first attempt to curb the data gathering since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed details of its scope.
Amash Amendment On NSA Data Collection: House Roll Call Vote
The 217-205 roll call Wednesday by which the House rejected a challenge to the National Security Agency's secret collection of hundreds of millions of Americans' phone records. A "yes" vote was a vote to halt the NSA program; a "no" vote was a vote to allow the program to continue. 
Voting yes were 111 Democrats and 94 Republicans. 
Voting no were 83 Democrats and 134 Republicans. . . . 
Democrats – Bishop, N; Clarke, Y; Crowley, Y; Engel, N; Higgins, N; Israel, N; Jeffries, Y; Lowey, N; Maffei, Y; Maloney, Carolyn, Y; Maloney, Sean, N; McCarthy, X; Meeks, N; Meng, N; Nadler, Y; Owens, Y; Rangel, Y; Serrano, Y; Slaughter, N; Tonko, Y; Velazquez, Y. 
Republicans – Collins, N; Gibson, Y; Grimm, N; Hanna, N; King, N; Reed, N.
This was:

  • A Vote against our 4th Amendment privacy rights 
  • A Vote against our 1st Amendment right of free speech (It's chilling to know that everything you say is being recorded)
  • A Vote against the concept of Limited Government

The Republicans allowed the spying to continue!

Big Brother (and Big Government) is alive and well in the Republican Party


Anonymous said...

The only difference between the staged political conflicts between democrats and republicans and profession wrestling is that the the newspapers don't cover professional wrestling.

Anonymous said...

Hanna again proves exactly who he is . He ain't the guy who we thought he was.He's just another Boehner cabana boy.

Dave said...

"Big Brother (and Big Government) is alive and well in the Republican Party."

The Democrats are no better. We have a two party system ... Us and Them.