Saturday, January 15, 2011

Signs of the Times . . .

Want to know where to cut the Federal Budget?  How about cutting the Federal Highway Administration unit that is now mandating that street signs in every city, town, village, etc., conform to a Federal standard of white-on-green with a specified type style using both upper and lower cases.  It's going to cost taxpayers tons of money -- for what purpose?

So I guess the white-on-blue "Good-Life" signs will disappear in Utica, white-on-blue caps with red border will disappear from Yorkville, cursive with bell-tower will disappear from NYMills, and the yellow-on-brown will disappear from the Adirondack Park.  All of our distinctive communities will be marched by the feds down the road to conformity - - - and mediocrity.

Read more on the American Thinker: Signs of Our Cities.


Dave said...

I think the green signs are ugly, but I guess I should be happy they didn't choose yellow on orange. And with GPS today, I can't imagine this scheme is necessary for emergency services, except to help Census Workers more easily find your home and count your in-laws. Eventually, the feds through micro management (and taxes) will create a nation of scofflaws, even among downstream governments in counties and towns. People may respect a constitutional government, but they will always resent and seethe under Big Brother. Such a government is not only overbearing, it is a bad manager of its resources. It is incompetent. I wonder if in our post Watergate society, the best and the brightest have shunned government service. And though you may laugh at this thought, is it possible we're seeing the result of changes wrought by the 1960's and 70's on our universities? The class of 1980 is now in charge.

Anonymous said...

"And with GPS today, I can't imagine this scheme is necessary for emergency services"

You would be surprised how many of these vehicles do not have GPS. Of course most people providing such services are local people providing local services and know where they are going without looking at the signs or GPS anyways.

The idea is great for the highways where you are going 70-80 and are unfamiliar with the area - but with the stop and go traffic of Utica and such reading the signs is hardly an issue.

Rena said...

What a waste of money.

Our useless government worries about such little garbage. I guess that is all their brains can handle. Don't give them the big stuff to ponder on, they may just blow a vein in their head!