Monday, January 17, 2011

Housing in Utica . . . and the Utica Master Plan

New Hartford Online Blog is on top of the Housing Visions issue with another post. It ends with a question:
Question is, and should be, how does it all fit into the Utica Master Plan that is yet to be finalized?
That is a good question. . . . one that is even on the mind of people at the Observer-Dispatch. Regarding the concentration of low income housing in Cornhill:
And yet, the effects of such a drastic demographic shift have largely escaped public dialogue. It is barely addressed in the city’s 116-page draft master plan other than outlining strategies to study the issue and stating development should be targeted in areas that are not depressed.
One cannot tell from reading the draft Master Plan whether the HV project fits the Master Pan or not. This should be of concern to everyone interested in how their government makes decisions, and everyone who may be thinking about doing business in Utica.
Whatever happens with the current proposal, city Mayor David Roefaro is now saying further study on situation is necessary. He says that will likely come in a committee set up to administer the master plan. 
So, decisions on what fits the Master Plan will be left to "a committee set up to administer the master plan."

This begs the questions: (1) Can the Utica Master Plan really be called a plan? and (2) Exactly what was $325,000 spent on?

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Dave said...

Well, isn't that what it's all about ... "Further study?" My very quick scan of the Utica Master Plan indicates it's all about calling for more studies by those companies that call for studies, do the studies, get paid for the studies and cite the need for more studies. Or am I too distrustful?