Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Water Rate Increase . . .

And we hear the same old song from Mr. Becher:
He said if the plan in 2004 went through to expand the water system, without the state of New York blocking them, residents would have seen no rate increases over the past five years. And, no increase this year.
We have yet to see a financial analysis that supports Mr. Becher's conclusion.  But assuming that Mr. Becher is correct, Greater Utica residents will be paying more for a water expansion in other ways.
(1) They will be paying for the pipeline to Verona and Turning Stone because those entities will get to write off their costs for the pipeline against their water bills.
(2) They will be subsidizing water service extension into the "ex"- urbs ... beyond the suburbs and beyond the service area contemplated when MVWA was created, encouraging sprawl, encouraging more people and businesses to leave Utica and Rome, resulting in increased taxes in the places left behind and new taxes to support demands for services in newly-developed areas.
(3) They will be giving up their water supply to places that have alternative supplies available, limiting the potential of the entire Greater Utica area for future growth.
An interesting number that is not revealed by Mr. Becher is the cost of MVWA's litigation thus far that it is passing on to the rate payers.  What is the impact of the litigation on the water rate?

It's not surprising that no one voiced objection to MVWA's proposed increase.  MVWA has never demonstrated an interest in listening.


Anonymous said...

It won't cost Mr. Becher $8 more, he doesn't even live here, but he knows what's good for us. What I want to know is how is that new pipe going to supply the OIN water when the 100 year old pipe feeding it breaks. Lets fix the existing problems first.

Anonymous said...

When will we get rid of Mr. Belcher. Ever since the City of Utica sold its assets to this mongrol corporation, there has been nothing but corruption from the top down.

Rate increases abound and why?

Time to tell the entire Water Board to resign and retire or get the heck out of Oneida County.

Strikeslip said...

"get the heck out of Oneida County" - - -
I agree!

But if you go back into the history of the authority, and look at its actions, I think you will find that the Water Board IS Oneida County . . .

And THAT is the problem.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken the OIN approached Rome & Onondoga county for access to their water system, which are closer to the Casino, etc. The deal fell thru as officials weren't willing to foot the bill for the pipelines, etc. But of course, Becher is willing to give away the store, thereby sticking ratepayers with the costs while the above systems were not.