Thursday, September 30, 2010

State Taxpayers Finance Faxton-St.Lukes Expansion

Per the Utica Daily News . . .
Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare was just awarded $31.3 million from the state as part of a competitive grant. . . .
With the money, the hospital will renovate the St. Luke's Home and build a new building on its New Hartford campus.
I'm happy that the $$$ is coming here instead of going to someplace else.  But if Utica is getting $31 Million, you can be sure that other communities across the state are getting similar grants. (Eg. Watertown just got $34 Million.)

Hospitals are private businesses that get plenty of our insurance money. With New York State supposedly broke, why are grants like this the responsibility of the taxpayers?

Or is this just more of Big Government taking over . . . Everything?

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Dave said...

Gee, don't you believe in "all for one and one for all?" Hahahaha! I suppose the theory here is that everyone deserves good healthcare and the government wants to guarantee it. Therefore, if your hospital can't afford the latest technology, the state will kick in and provide it through grants. Now the interesting question is WHY the hospital can't afford it. If the hospital can show an honest P&L where they come up short, and the insurance industry (who is footing the bills with our premiums) can show an honest P&L where they come up short, then I guess the answer is this society can't afford the health technology it invented. Now, there were a couple of big IF's there, I'll admit. But if New York State were a business instead of a circus, I believe we could get an honest assessment.