Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A REAL "People's" Revolution . . .

His opponent had a double digit lead . . . and then on election eve the pollsters said they were in a "dead heat."

How wrong they were!

Political outsider Carl Paladino wins the GOP gubernatorial primary by a 2 to 1 margin!

They say that Andrew Cuomo is unbeatable . . . but "they" were wrong last night.

It promises to be a very interesting election season folks.  Paladino is the first real threat in memory to the status quo of a government that has become too big,  too controlling, too arrogant, too expensive, and too immune to change (regardless of what party holds the governorship) . . . . Paladino is also a threat to the many connected elite of both party stripes who have grown rich off the taxpayers.  The insiders will throw everything that they have at this guy to discredit him.

The people's desire for change in the "ruling class" is carrying over to local elections as well. The ever-popular Dave Townsend was never a member of the "ruling class" because they always kept trying to get rid of him as Assemblyman.  But people genuinely want leaders who can think for themselves, so they kept electing him. . . . and have now elected him again to run for sheriff in spite of a clear attempt by party "insiders" to defeat him in a primary.  Claudia Tenney, another "outsider," appears to have won over insider George Joseph, whom we can thank for our expensive new airport and destroyed old airport.  Claudia has an ability to engage on the issues that people are looking for.  Change is also coming to the Democrats, too.  Mike Hennessy constantly was a thorn in the side of the County Republicrat Establishment. He also is a man who can think for himself . . . so the people have picked him to run for senator.

Paladino, Townsend, Tenney, and Hennessy all think for themselves . . . THAT is why they won their primaries.    

This year we may finally have debates on Issues rather than Personalities.                                                        

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Anonymous said...

The primary results may be far more significant. It is possible that they reflect,finally, the local voters willingness to cast aside the local political power structure that controls both parties. There is a certain connection between the day's political results and the Rite Aid loss. A complete overhaul of local politics and economic development efforts is desparately needed here. Perhaps the first steps were taken on Tuesday.