Thursday, May 06, 2010

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It's Back -- Low Water at Hinckley that is ... Hinckley Reservoir several feet below average 
. . . Let's see who turns this into a political football first.

OD gets it right on Rutger Park: Don’t snub rich history of Rutger Park
The Swancott Home is obviously more valuable as an historical site with, rather than without, its fixtures. The fixtures and antiques should not be auctioned off.  The "It's private property" argument does not generate sympathy here.  Rescue Mission, while legally a private entity, drinks at the public trough through donations and government grants.  Historic preservation holds a significantly broader public appeal than the narrow (but noble) mission of the Rescue Mission.  To harm the former simply to generate cash for the latter will, without doubt, undercut support for the Mission in the future.  

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frankly said...

I disagree with the second point. They were not warned about the fact that the money they're stewards of were going to go to a building where the Historical Landmark society will steal their rights away.

As a good steward, they needed to get their money back, so that they can serve elsewhere, especially since it is the Landmark Society's fault that all this stuff is happening. The Utica Mission does not exist to renovate or make payments on an old building that barely anyone visits. It exists to help released prisoners.

Remember... they aren't RAISING money to do their ministry. They're GETTING BACK what the historical society basically TOOK AWAY from them by telling them that they couldn't use the facilities that THEY RIGHTFULLY BOUGHT.