Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cuomo Announces . . .

The suspense is over . . . Andrew Cuomo has announced his candidacy for governor.  After Spitzer/Paterson many people are breathing a sigh of relief . . . and with the totally lackluster candidates the Republicans are offering, Mr. Cuomo actually looks good.

But before singing "Happy Days Are Here Again," let's remember an old saying:  The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Mr. Cuomo's father, Mario Cuomo, was a total disaster for Upstate, New York.

The first Cuomo killed off a 99% built nuke plant on Long Island . . . and later sent Upstate power via the Marcy South Power line to Downstate to ameliorate the resulting high electric rates there . . . because we were part of the "Family of New York."   Of course, it raised OUR rates making us unable to compete with other states. 

When US Senator DP Moynahan got the Feds to pay NYS for the Thruway in the late 80s, did the tolls ever come off? Again, Upstate was placed at a disadvantage to its competition.

And who was governor when the deal with the Oneida Nation was brokered that allowed them to open a casino without the state getting a cut of the take - - unlike virtually every other Indian casino in the country?

Not fair to visit the sins of the father onto the son???  Then consider . . .

Who headed HUD when all the subprime mortages were created -- the ones that led to our financial collapse?

No, we do not need another Cuomo.  Unfortunately, the Republicans don't seem to be giving us a better choice.   


Anonymous said...

Don't forget it was Governor Cuomo who sat back when two Upstate AF bases (Plattsburgh and Griffiss) were pitted against each other with New Jersey winning out in the three way battle to survive.

Yes the Republicans look weak but the track record for a Governor Cuomo is not very good. It may be that Governor Lazio (though unlikely) is our better choice.

Strikeslip said...

Ugh - Lazy-O didn't have a clue where Upstate was when he ran against Hillary Clinton for US Senate. She didn't accomplish anything for us, but at least she knew the Upstate issues and a spotlight was (briefly) shone on them.