Friday, November 20, 2009

The Princess, the Marchesa and the OD . . .

154_5453I'm glad Utica Daily News presented the "other side" of the Princess Lenska story. The Observer-Dispatch's unprovoked attack on her credibility was like pulling up the "Welcome" mat and turning out the lights. Here is someone from outside the area who is actually investing in a beloved Utica landmark, hasn't asked for a dime of public funds, and -- if we're lucky -- may sponsor some cultural events, and the first thing the OD thinks of is questioning her title?

In so far as the embassy response, did the OD ever stop to think that the existence of Polish royalty might be considered a threat to the Polish government, and, therefore, would be something to deny?

UDN quoted the princess as saying:
"I did a lot of research online found that there's this core group of people who hate this city have been doing everything possible to destroy the city of Utica--pull her down," she said.
An interesting statement ... especially coming from an outsider, no? Why do I have a nagging feeling that the royal title would not have been questioned if Lenska had chosen a property in New Hartford?

The unwelcoming attitude was unnecessary and, really, very Un-Utican (though the OD isn't "Utican" anymore anyway). For over 100 years Utica has opened its doors to thousands of refugees from all over the world, most of whom were dirt poor, but took their new found freedom and made something of themselves. . . . and Utica was a richer place for it. Why should it be different for a princess?

Geez . . . . We had a "Marchesa" for years and no one cared about the authenticity of her title. Why is it so different today? What mattered back then was the pleasure she brought to a lot of Italian American families on her radio show 50 years ago... and her striking presence in the community. Titles aren't important -- this is America, after all. What counts is what people do.. . . And it will be the same for HRH Lenska . . . if she is given a chance.

Maybe the OD is showing the fear of some of our local society matrons . . . afraid of being pushed out of the limelight by someone with cachet, perhaps?

Princess Lenska, don't be discouraged by the OD (or the other naysayers). When ever people are asked in local public meetings what Utica needs most, "a new newspaper" is the invariable response.

Bring a touch of royal class, help this community shake off its moribund grayness, rattle the cages of our so-called "elite," . . . and you will earn the title of Princess in our hearts.


Anonymous said...

As a descendant of one of the five ruling families of Poland, I have longed to be called Prince, Duke or Count and to reclaim the family castle in the Warsaw area. Sadly, none of my longings have become reality. So, I do have some sympathy for the Princess. If her presence creates some buzz and pizzaz so be it. However, one suspects she will be charging or raising money for her cultural promotions. Buyer beware. Also, one should always remember that we live in America where bloodlines, titles and the cachet of royalty were tossed out a long time ago. How low have we fallen if our community has to be shaken up by a Princess, real or fake? And, what of the depression our elite of judges, hamburger man, brewers and other country club gatherers when they must fall behing and bow to our new Polish star? I worry for the egos the Princess may dent.

Lady G. said...

When John Kennedy and his wife moved into the White House - we made references to Camelot.

Why should it be any different for a Polish Princess - recognized or not?

We have in Utica and in the surrounding area, a group of self-proclaimed hypocrites whose destiny is to destroy anything that is good, honest or akin to the days when life was good.

Strike's empassioned writings reflect society's values, however, these values in Utica will soon destroy, if not already, a place that once was it's own Camelot.

Anonymous said...

Utica's Camelot days went away a long time ago. A fake Princess is a poor substitute for King Arthur,his court and Jackie Kennedy.

Lady G. said...


A "fake" princess?" Really? Upon what information do you base your statement on?

Anonymous said...

When one can't produce any docuementation verifying a claim, that claim may be labeled fake. The conclussion of the Polish embassy which should be given weight in this matter is but another thorn in the Princess's paper crown. But, if someone wants to believe in story book fantacies much like the Camelot of the Kennedy's was, all the power and fun to them. Reality is sometimes overrated, or at least, tougher to swallow.

Lady G. said...

Polish Embassy should be given weight? It is obvious that you are not Polish and have no idea of the tyranny that existed within the Polish Government.

When you have lived there and walked amongst the commoners, you will understand what is really happening.

You should read up on Polish history. Go back a few hundred years. It is amazing what you can find out about titles, etc.

Anonymous said...

The Polish government is a democracy and a strong ally of the United States.

Lady G said...

Anonymous, you really do not know your Polish history. You have now just confirmed it.

Anonymous said...

Some of us live in the present as we deconstruct the royal crown however imagined it may be.The next thing you'll know is that the five ruling families have returned to their 15th century glory and that we have one of their Duke's living among us.