Thursday, November 12, 2009

Private Police Deal In New Hartford

It looks like the Town of New Hartford Police Department thinks it is in the private security business. According to the terms of an agreement signed by a police lieutenant and the Marquee Cinemas:
  1. A member of the New Hartford Police Department will be assigned to the Marquee Cinemas every, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, during the time frame of 8:00 PM to approximately 12:30 AM.
  2. A marked police car belonging to the New Hartford Police Department will also be assigned to this location.
  3. The member of the New Hartford Police Department will be on duty (working over-time) and in uniform, as an employee of the Town of New Hartford.
Per the agreement, the Cinemas will reimburse the Town for the overtime, and will pay $20 per night for the car . . .

This agreement appears to have been entirely unauthorized.

The Police Department is part of Town Government, something that we the taxpayers have paid for. That police car is owned by the people of New Hartford, not the police lieutenant. New Hartford Police is NOT a private security business that can enter protection deals at its own will. Only Town Government has the right to commit these resources to particular purposes (and even then there there are legal and constitutional limitations). There is nothing in Town Board Minutes authorizing this deal.

While the agreement gives an impression that the actual cost of this service is covered, nothing is mentioned about how this "over-time" will inflate the salary upon which the "Marquee Detail's" officer's retirement benefit will be calculated-- something that the tax payer will be on the hook for for the officer's retired life.

An unauthorized commitment of public resources to a private purpose . . . A personal benefit to be gained by the public employees that are directly involved in the service. Is that corruption? . . . . Or What?


Anonymous said...

I think you're touching on a very key point. All private merchants and retail operations ought to be providing their own security.In the case of movies, malls etc.,both internal and on-site external security should be private. Local colleges do it. As is stated, the full cost, at least, ought to be claculated and explained. For example, what of insurance and law suit exposure?

Arkangel said...

Let me get this straight. The Town of New Hartford is charging a Private Firm (Business) for the use of a Town Police Vehicle $20/a night?

Please someone...tell me where I can rent a vehicle for that daily rate and too, I have to pay no liability insurance.

In other words, Town Police Officials and too, the Town's Police Commission Members allowed this to happen? Where the hell are these people? Is not Copeland a member of this?

Thank God he was not elected Town Justice.

We still have to deal with the cost of this service. Overtime, retirment, vehicle, gasoline, insurance, equals about $125 per hour and Lt. Timothy O'Neill tells this private enterprise they only need reimburse the town how much?

Sounds like a LOSER for the Town and a very big WIN for Marquis Cinema.

Is this why Chief Philo wanted a new car?

Lt. O'Neill should be reprimanded and fired from the town force and so should Chief Raymond Philo.

swimmy said...

Serious question...

Since this "detail" will be paid from private monies, does that mean this "detail" is not bound by the constitution?

Will they still have arrest powers? And if so, will they be allowed to get away with unconstitutional activities, e.g. illegal searches?

Greens and Beans said...

Is this kosher (legal)? Even if the Police Officer’s additional overtime wages get reimbursed, who will reimburse the State Retirement System when the Officer is able to collect his additional retirement benefits (for the rest of his life) due to his additional overtime income?

Anonymous said...

The additional retirement benifit for working OT for a private business (Sangertown)is a perk the NHPD has gotten for years. A state audit should tell if its legal even if its not right.

Jumpin Jack Flash said...

The Family and Friends Plan in the Town of New Hartford is alive and well.

Click on:

Then click on 24hr Emergency Service. Look at the Members who are on it. Dave Reynolds "representing" the Town of New Hartford; Roger Reynolds "representing" the Village of New Hartford and too, Jeff Madden "representing" his father-in law (Dave Reynolds) & his Uncle (Roger Reynolds).

Now what did we say about "Family and Friends Plan?"

This is incestuous within the Town and Village. Time for an exorcism or purification?

Anonymous said...

Your blind rage and utter contempt for all things NH is apparent but why would u slam all the people on that 24 hour dispatch list? Not all are related. Some are tireless public servants but no where do u mention those people. Always with the negative. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we should all be very careful to stick to real issues and to not get overly personal. There are some excellent aspects of the Town that deserve praise, not tearing down. The democratic process elected people as it will in the future. The element of the process that needs examination and reform are the committee structures that nominate candidates in the first place. New blood is needed in these posts in both parties.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was titled, "Family and Friends..." Get the picture?

No one, said it was just Family.

However, if you want, I would gladly tell you the individual relationships that each one of the names represent.

You may fin this very intersting...

Anonymous said...

Then you should make these facts known in various public forums.

Anonymous said...

What do you think he's doing, duh!

Anonymous said...

go ahead mr. know-it-all.... tell us all how each is aligned by the stars?

Los Lobos said...

RE: There are some excellent aspects of the Town that deserve praise, not tearing down.

Please someone, tell me one that deserves praise under the current administration?

There was a time when the town propered, uninhibited by commercialization. Now look where we are. A complete and utter mess!

If you want change in town government, then take some time off from your schedule and do something proactive rather than reactive.

If it were not for Concerned Citizens and their members...all this recent notoriety would be for naught.

Time to start thanking this group for their efforts which still continue to be attacked by the pro-Earle Reed Republican Gestapo.

What a breath of fresh air to have a political cleansing of all town officials both elected and appointed.

With regard to Tyksinski, he has already broken one promise...that is, to remove the current bookkeeper (Carol Fairbrother) from her position. Talk about speaking out of both sides of one's mouth.

Same old double talk?