Monday, November 30, 2009

Dissecting Police Pay in New Hartford

I was going to blog on this, but Cathy at New Hartford Online saved me the trouble by doing an excellent analysis (with spreadsheets!) of New Hartford Police pay and overtime [HERE] and [HERE]. 

One must conclude that a gift of Town money and property is being made to various private entities because the costs of these private patrols when overtime and benefits are included far exceeds what the Town receives. This violates Article 8 section 1 of the NYS Constitution.


Anonymous said...

The analysis does not make it clear whether, or not, benefits are calculated into the mix. Man hour need relates to size of force. Size and cost of force includes both direct and indirect costs. So, the picture for the taxpayer may be even worse. The basic fact is that private business should provide their own security on their private property. One option is to hire and pay off duty or early retired police. If there is a true, net expense to the taxpayer, the town board ought to publisize it and deal with it,ASAP. The county board ought to be doing the same analysis for the Sheriff's Department.

Chief Drudge said...


RE: "If there is a true, net expense to the taxpayer..."

Just what do you mean "if" there is...?"

The facts speak for themselves. An officers hourly rate of $30/hr is exclusive of benefits and overhead, etc.

The Town's hourly rate charged for Private Security is being SUBSIDIZED by New Hartford Town residents.

Figures do not lie!

Anonymous said...

The matter should be fully analyzed and expalined at the Board level with and by the Chief. Net expense may not be as clear as raw figures appear. For example, data may show that it is more taxing to respond as opposed to being stationed on the scene. Crime prevention is far cheaper than crime prosecution. I don't pretent to know the answer but residents should give Philo a full opportunity to discuss his decisions.

Strikeslip said...

"give Philo a full opportunity to discuss his decisions."

How about Philo giving the Town Board -- and the residents -- his justifications and cost figures BEFORE taking on these details?

Anonymous said...

Of course, but if he did not, a full explanation and analysis now is better than a blog discussion.

Strikeslip said...

Of course a full explanation now is better than a blog discussion -- but what forum will Philo choose to give his explanation? Will he even feel it is necessary to give an explanation at all? After all, Philo has had all kinds of opportunities to discuss his decisions before the residents -- but he, apparently, has chosen not to bother proving explanations because he doesn't have to -- because a contract was signed with the cinemas that did not go before the Town Board first.

If not for blog discussions here and at NH Online, no explanation will ever be given because no one would know enough to ask the questions.

Anonymous said...

No one is putting down a blog. The obvious forum is the town board. The taxpayer should be demanding a full accounting of all contracts for security. Along with being stewards of the public purse, they are also taxpayers. If they know the details, all the better that the Supervisor, as board head, explain them with Chief Philo. The logical and practical extention of raising these issues on line is to encourage and insist upon public accountabilty. You certainly aren't doing this to criticize for criticism sake, are you? I would hope to see and hear you at the next board meeting if you reside in New Hartford. If not, the NH On-line people are usually there and can raise the matter by asking for accountability. I would also email the OD and ask for further reporting on the contracts and cost. I find the editors to be responsive most of the time. But, it's worth a try.