Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Too Many Cookies, and a Message from a Reader

Too many cookies woke this blogger up in the middle of the night ... and a message from a reader kept him up.

Off Topic but since you linked to justice denied 13501 and he has made some rather serious charges against many folks and now has seemingly ended his short lived career as a blogger I'd like your opinion as an enabler/linker as to his/her intent and or authenticity.

Sincerely, Jim
"Enabler" . . . Yeah, that got my attention!

The blogger community is pretty welcoming. It is common practice to link to new bloggers on the scene and give them a "boost." It is also a way to increase one's own readership because usually they will link back . . ."Sitemeter" data verifies increases in readership the more links that are exchanged. Technorati ranks a blog based on the number of links to it from other blogs. But "enabling?" If a linked blogger is going to engage in something questionable, enabling that behavior was never intended. But isn't that the result?

I don't know JusticeDenied's intent or "authenticity." JD provided some good links to what appear to be reliable internet sites for some of his/her points . . . sites that may prove useful for data mining at a later date. It was also interesting reading, for awhile. After getting Jim's message, I reviewed the last couple of days' posts. They seem to have shifted from elected and public officials (who need to be held to close scrutiny) to private individuals (who have a right to be left alone). Posts seem to be more titillation than substance (the secret codes and whatnot). Facts that may have been presented seem to have been thrown like pasta against the wall, in hopes that something would stick. Instead of data + logic = conclusion, there is a tone of rumor. And now, the unexplained "departure." I want to be fair to JD, and maybe if I knew more of what he/she knows, I would feel differently. But right now I am confused as to what the blog is about, think name-calling is unjustified, and I don't want to enable that.


Anonymous said...

Great analysis. I too, became somewhat suspect as to motive...

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Strikeslip, I first heard of JusticeDenied when you brought attention to it last month. I went there from time to time, and couldn't make heads nor tails of what the blogger was saying. Then again, I am not in the loop when it comes to politics around here.

Yet, I never considered that you were "enabling" any malicious blogging by linking to JusticeDenied. Certainly you are to be commended for wanting to protect the respect of your blog and your good name, however.

As to the previous comment, as far as being suspicious of JD due to motive, I think that is irrelevant. So what if JD had motive? What matters is if there is evidence. But like Strikeslip said, there seems to be more titillation than data + logic = conclusion. Oh well. Even though I couldn't figure out the point of what was being blogged, I would have liked to know that corruption was being uncovered.

Boy, I hate politics.