Monday, April 09, 2007

More Outrageous Behavior in New Hartford

In today's Legal Notices, the Town Clerk of New Hartford announced that the bond referendum for the Storm Water Bonding proposal passed . . This is the same Town Clerk who originally announced on March 29th to all the news media that it failed to pass, but then performed a "recount" with neither public notice to persons who opposed the bonding proposals nor indication that steps had been taken to secure the voting machines. Meanwhile, persons who have asked the Town Clerk to see the "official" documentation of the vote have been denied . . . and told it would be the week of April 16th before the documents would be available.

In a nutshell, the Town is going forward with the bonding, and forcing those who question the Town Clerk's vote recount to start a court action within 20 days.

The Town Clerk's publication of the notice of estoppel is reprehensible given the obvious irregularity of the vote recount. The appearance of impropriety is so strong that the District Attorney needs to investigate.

Post Script -
The public should also question "Why the rush to bond?" Why not, instead, take the time to first demonstrate to the public that the recount was properly done -- i.e. disclose all the vote documentation? The Town must be in a desperate financial predicament if it needs this money this quickly. Maybe that is the real story behind why Oneida County gave the Town a $150,000 check of county taxpayer money about a month ago, even though there was no obligation to do so. (That action never made sense to this blogger since NH was at the same time declared to be the "economic engine" pulling the county ... Giving NH money is sort of like taking coals to Newcastle). And that suggests that there are insiders at the County level who have known the real story for quite some time.


Anonymous said...

It appears there is corruptness both at the County and Town level - ALL controlled by Republican Leadership.

New Hartford leadership (did I say leadership) not that there ever was an example of what a Town Government - SHOULD NOT BE!

Residents rise up and demand an investigation of the alleged improprieties AND there are many...

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Prepare for yet another recount for the March 29, 2007 bond vote in the Town Of New Hartford.

That's the word from the Town Clerk's office this morning, April 10, 2007. When we called to confirm whether we can review the voting records this afternoon, we were told we could not because there will be another recount in a day or two and anyone can attend.