Monday, April 09, 2007

Lauderdale, Cancun, South Beach . . . Utica?

Utica ClubWe don't have the sun . . . or the sand . . . or the surf . . . but just maybe we're "cool." Maybe it takes someone from out of the area who has been around to see Utica's possibilities. . . This was noted in an article from last week about a Long Island entrepreneur who is investing in Utica's Varick Street (shades of Bourbon Street?).

While this blogger is not a frequenter of Saranac Thursdays, he often walks the Varick Street area at lunch time. There IS a certain industrial age funkyness that is attractive. And the area seems to be experiencing somewhat of a renaissance with the new restaurants, watering holes, and even shops (check out those at the "Finish Line" next to the old Globe Mill). The proposed new club will only enhance what is there to make Varick Street and the entire "Brewery District" a destination.

Hopefully Utica will do its part. . . Police the area to keep it safe . . .and Pave the potholes.

Meanwhile, we wish Mr. Demar a lot of luck with his Utica endeavor.

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