Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yes, We Have No Bananas . . .

Today's OD editorial "N.H. bond information too vague" must be leaving readers scratching their heads.

On the one hand, the editors tell us that the Town presented them with a "sound plan for investment in the town's future." On the other hand, the editors urge the town residents to scurry around at the last minute and "use every alternative possible" to get "critical information" on the plan before they vote because the Town leaders failed to communicate with them.

From this should the reader think:

(1) that the newspaper is holding back from the public the facts that convinced the editorial board that the borrowing was a good thing; or

(2) that the newspaper is too lazy, or unable, or unwilling to dig up the facts that the Public is asking for (a newspaper's JOB); or

(3) that the newspaper is biased toward this particular agenda, but is now upset with Town leaders because there is a possibility of defeat?

Maybe it's a bit of all the above.

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Rebecca Mecomber said...

Well, there sure is a media-monopoly in this area. Actually, in most of Upstate...