Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Behind-The-Scenes Action in New Hartford . . .

Wow, things are unfolding so rapidly that heads are spinning. With the bond referendum looming on 1/16, the Town Board decides to cancel it. But . . .


How can the Town Board decide Anything unless it is by vote in an Open Public Meeting? (See this blog from a few days ago about the requirements of the Open Meetings Law).

Was this done in another one of the Town's Super Secret Special Meetings . . . or maybe some kind of "virtual meeting" via phone or e-mail? Where is the ADVANCED Public Notice? Where is the Public Debate?

Or is the Town Board going to use tonights "informational" meeting to do the dirty work?

Concerned citizens want to know.

Like the spoiled child who upsets the checkerboard when he appears to be losing, the Town Board cancels the game and wants to start over.

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