Friday, January 05, 2007

Disgusting Feeding Frenzy by Wannabee Profiteers in Utica

A "Feeding Frenzy" seems to be the only way to describe what is happening in the Utica City School District over a proposed capital improvement [non]plan. The $100 million figure previously mentioned is apparently no longer enough -- District officials are now talking about $100 million to $300 million in today's OD.

Ms. Skermont has had architects touring Utica's schools and is soliciting ideas from them. But isn't engaging architects at this stage a bit premature? Architects are employed to design facilities. Determining the need for facilities is the School Board's responsibility. That needs to be done first -- very carefully and methodically and with lots of public discussion.

Of course, the architects will profit from what ever designs they can sell . The bigger/more elaborate/more expensive the project, the more money they will make. Can anyone guess what kinds of projects these people will recommend?

There seems to be only one way to describe Ms. Skermont's approach: Stupid.


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