Tuesday, October 17, 2006

School District Shenanigans ... Westmoreland Edition

According to today's OD, the Westmoreland School District donated 50 acres to a local soccer group, the Rising Stars Soccer Club of Central New York, to build a multi-sport facility.

One teenie weenie problem with this:

NYS Constitution Article VIII (Local Finances) Section 1:

No county, city, town, village or school district shall give or loan any money or property to or in aid of any individual, or private corporation or association . . ."

Westmoreland must have forgotten to supply their Board Members with copies of "School Law" jointly put out by the NYS Bar Association and NYS School Boards Association. Attention is drawn to sections 16:10 and 19:7 (based on the 26th edition).

It's not clear that the soccer organization's maintaining a nature and fitness trail would qualify as fair consideration for the property. "Donation" however, implies that less than fair consideration was given to the school district for the property.

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Anonymous said...

Law? What school district cares about the law when they are allowed to bilk millions of dollars from NYers, wreck our economy, and show next to nothing for it? Suckers! ;)