Friday, October 06, 2006

More Murky Moves in New Hartford . . .

CNY Underground beat us to the punch on this story about more mysterious moves by the New Hartford Town Board. According to the Unofficial (but Very Informative) Town of New Hartford Website, twelve resolutions were passed at this weeks Town Board meeting that will place Town Taxpayers on the hook for more than $5 million. . . . for things like sidewalks, lighting, and a generic environmental impact statement.

There is no specificity re where the sidewalks and lighting will be. Sidewalks and lighting are an accoutrement of villages and/or special districts, and Town Taxpayers that reside in villages and special districts have already paid for them in village taxes and special assessments. If there is a need for these amenities elsewhere in the Town, then let the people who will be benefitted pay for them by forming a special district. It is unfair to stick all Town residents with these costs.

The generic environmental impact statement is really interesting . . . A $375,000 Environmental Impact Statement to study WHAT???

Tabled was $155,000 for the Town to pay for a water system in the Higby road water district. Again, why should everyone have to pay to provide a system to one neighborhood. It's sounding like a gift of public money/facilities to some developer.

A lot of money is being thrown around . . . with very little information on why the spending is needed.

[Update 8:30PM: Mrs. Mecomber speaks from the heart on this. The message should be clear:
The people in charge better start listening. The "common folk" are getting awfully tired of footing the bills for the well-connected.]

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