Friday, October 20, 2006

NYRI Nervousness ...

NYRI is going to court to block the OD from obtaining a copy of its contract with the railway. They claim it would harm their competitive position. ... Huh? Competitive with whom?

Why would the railroad need information from NYRI (the release of which could cause NYRI harm) in order to simply lease space to NYRI? If the contract had to be filed with the OCIDA as part of the railway's tax abatement package, then that becomes public information.

Unless NYRI and the railroad are one and the same, NYRI cannot logically claim that the lease contains proprietary business information when that information has already been released to another party -- i.e., the railroad. And the railroad cannot claim it is proprietary when it already released it to another party, the OCIDA.

"Furthermore, releasing the contract would disclose personal contact information for some of the personnel involved in the transaction, and that information is irrelevant . . ."

Ah HA! If the contact information was so irrelevant, then why go to court? The public certainly has every right to know which individuals will be benefitted when the public gets hosed. Somebody is being protected. The question is WHO.

Go get-em OD!


Anonymous said...

GRRRREAT post! Your posts have been very good lately. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

Rudy Rudy Rudy. We hardly know ye.