Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stalling the "Economic Engine?"

Following Sunday's  Utica OD editorial touting the "Workforce Development Board," on Thursday Lawrence Gilroy and Dustin Swanger penned an editorial touting Gov. Cuomo's Regional Economic Councils (REDCs): "Guest View: Don't stall economic engine.
“The council used its knowledge of the region's strengths to develop long-term economic plans and create jobs. 
"These new efforts are working, and the success of REDCs is undeniable." (emphasis supplied)

If one defines “success” as spending billions of taxpayer dollars, then, I suppose, “the success of REDCs is undeniable.”

If success means creating an economic environment where businesses are self-sustaining and the numbers of good jobs and population are growing, the “success” of the program is highly debatable.

While our Mohawk Valley REDC seems to take credit for a drop in unemployment rate from 8.7% to 5.2% locally over the last 6 years (NYS Labor Dept Statistics show a drop in annual unemployment from 7.8% average in 2010 to about 5.3% in 2016 in the Utica-Rome MSA), will it also take credit for. . .

  • the drop in the Labor Force from 143,800 in 2010 to 131,083 in 2016 (a loss of almost 13,000 persons)?
  • the drop in the number of persons actually employed from 132,500 in 2010 to 124,667 in 2016 (a loss of almost 8,000 jobs)? 
  • the drop in population from 299,397 (census) to 295,600 in 2015 (estimate Bureau Economic Analysis, US Dept. Commerce) (or 299,281 in 2010 to 296,987 per  
  • the drop in US Metro area population ranking from 160 to 163?

Locally the economic engine is not just stalled, it is running backward!

When people and jobs stop moving from here to other parts of the country, then maybe people will believe claims of “success.”


Dick Naegele said...

When the statistics quote percentages of the REMAINING population after many have bailed from NY State and the high taxes and disgusting politics, The percentage is bound to be lower. It is a matter of simple mathematics. The number of people out of work in a depleted population due to people leaving the state definitely DOES work out to a lower percentage.

Anonymous said...

Where are the statistics listing the number of persons receiving public assistance, food stamps and medicare? Somewhere in the shadows I suspect.

Anonymous said...

More "undeniable success" is on the way with Mr Picente moving up the political food chain. Now getting Senators and Congress involved with his attempt to spend (waste) still more of our hard earned tax dollars. Pay the highest taxes in the country and get the most incompetent officeholders, disgusting.

What's the matter Gov Cuomo not returning phone calls?

How about you do another campaign spot?

Unknown said...

Go East young man! The number 1 state in the US is just a short drive away: Massachusetts! Lower taxes and great economy, especially for STEM. You can name your own salary. There is no future in CNY if you are young, talented and educated.

Anonymous said...

Only in Dogpatch County do politicians go public when they're trying to lure a certain manufacturer to build a facility in their County. Or sic politicians on company execs. Yea, company execs looking to expand really do enjoy dealing with media inquiries about their intentions or politicians looking for votes.

We're doomed.

Anonymous said...

It is telling that Mr. Gilroy has not provided any detailed new job creation statistics relative to tax dollars spent.