Monday, February 06, 2017

Bishop Cunningham's Blind Spot . . . (Refugee "Ban")

In Sunday's church bulletin was a statement from Bishop Cuningham which called Pres. Trump's 120 day "ban on refugees" "un-Christian and un-American" and, in essence, said it was "racial and justice injustice."

I am not going to address the claims of "racial and justice injustice" or the "un-Christian and un-American" mis-characterizations, except to say that (1) he is wrong and (2) he is amplifying the false conclusions and claims made by others who have a political ax to grind.

The Bishop complained that "220 refugees who already had been vetted and approved to come to Syracuse are on hold for months" (emphasis added).  He ended his statement with the sentence "Yes, screen vigilantly as we have, but never abandon our commitment to help others seek peace and freedom" (emphasis added, again.).  Those red-flagged words are both the key to where the Bishop is wrong and why the Executive Order is needed.

These headlines/titles speak for themselves:
Official are not going to find links to "radical Islamic terrorism" if they are prevented from looking for them.

After eight years of the Obama administration implementing Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organizations' policy recommendations, it cannot be assumed that refugee vetting is "vigilant," rigorous or adequate.

That is why the so-called "ban" (which is only a temporary pause until the vetting process can be examined)  needed to be quickly implemented without advanced notice.


Anonymous said...

This is the same bishop who made a statement blaming victims of sexual abuse by priests. Perhaps those of us who recognize that responsible, complete vetting of people from terrorist nations is social justice to American citizens, should keep our wallets in our pockets on Sundays.

dave said...

There appear to be few persons left in our midst to revere. Catholic bishops have neither built industries that provide jobs, accomplished great humanitarian works or run the 4 minute mile. I have no idea why I would care about their opinion on any topic. No, I'm not anticlerical. Just realistic.

Greens and Beans said...

I am a Christian born in the Catholic Religion who attended Catholic schools. But my libertarian blood hampers me from blindly following any organizational school of thought. This is why I can understand how one could question why the Bishop failed to admonish the Obama Administration's permanent order to purge all references of Islam or Muslim sited above by Strikeslip. Or is there a furtive motive to the Bishop's harsh scolding of the temporary Trump Executive Order? On February 04, 2017 "The Associated Press" was referenced by "Fortune" as possible evidence for the Bishop's concerns as possibly financial. "Catholic Charities USA says the executive order will cost the organization millions of dollars and put at risk about 700 jobs out of the 54,000 jobs at its agencies around the country . . . " Has there not been enough American bloodshed as result of faulty U.S. government inaction? Perhaps while the refugees are waiting to be extensively vetted, perhaps they could take temporary residence at Vatican City.

dave said...

Huh? So when I put my 2 quarters in the Sunday collection at Our Lady of The Doldrums, I'm actually funding 700 assistant terrorists who are tunneling the bad guys on to our home soil?