Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sales Tax Extension Slipped By . . .

At least WUTR was paying attention: Legislators Vote to Keep Oneida County Sales Tax 8.75% 

But was anyone else?  

Here are the relevant documents:

The underlying state legislation authorizing sales tax extension . (Note the dates this legislation was acted upon.)
Letter 8/17/15 (for distribution on 8/24/15) by County Executive requesting special meeting. (Note that action was deemed "time sensitive" and had to be taken before September 2, 2015.)
Notice of 8/24/15 Special Meeting with the county's legislation attached. (Note the statement at the end of the legislation "This enactment shall take effect December 1, 2015" (emphasis suppled).)

Do you wonder if any of the County Legislators feel that they are being manipulated . . . or do you wonder if they even care?

Nothing like scheduling a "last minute" meeting to ensure maintenance of the status quo.

Update: Rome Sentinel


Rodger Potocki said...

Name me a government that ever reduced a tax once levied. The only one I can recall is the yacht tax federal levy. As I describe in my book, From the Inside, I helped negotiate the " temporary" increase which was needed as a short term fix for a budget crisis. Instead of controlling spending in the future, the County Board has simply continued this "temporary" tax. And, as you note, no one seems to care.

Anonymous said...

It appears from the absence of comments that it is the citizen who does not care. I guess most simply pay and never question or protest. That is how our area of sheep is.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. It is people like Picente who don't care about the citizens who are getting hosed by the sales tax rate in this godforsaken county.

I was hoping that Cuomo would give Picente an appointment in Albany so that we would be rid of him. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

The "citizens" elect Picente.