Friday, August 29, 2014

Utica Harbor: Haven for the Regional Elite?

According to the O-D, Harbor Point's future might lie in the past.  We are reminded that during Utica's halcyon days the Harbor Point area housed McConnell baseball field, where pro ball was played.  The suggestion is that the plan to move our baseball field from Murnane on Burrstone Road to the harbor in North Utica might bring the good old days back.

Of course, EDGE somehow is involved.
“Its part of the master plan,” said Steven DiMeo, a member of the committee and president of Mohawk Valley EDGE economic development group. “There’s a recreation component built into it (the plan). We’re just trying to line up all the prerequisite options that have to be looked at before that’s something to be considered.”
You are reminded that movement of Donovan Stadium - as well as the Greenman Estates ball fields - to the Harbor somehow magically appeared in the Utica Master Plan even thought the topic never came up before the committee considering plans for the Harbor . . . apparently dictated to be part of the plan by those with connections rather than an idea coming from the people who allegedly were given the task of designing the plan.

. . . and the people with connections work through EDGE.

EDGE is the same group tasked with marketing Griffiss "International" Airport even though they have no expertise in the field.

Those connected elites made a lot of money moving the Old Oneida County Airport to Griffiss . . . and now the old airport is in ruins.

EDGE proposes the same MO.  More money will be made moving ball fields from their current locations which are central to the region's population to the Harbor.

The region merely moves its assets around instead of  moving forward.


Anonymous said...

Typical of the "leaders" of this area ,no new ideas or vision for the future. Just the same old tired leaders and their same old worn out ideas. Small people with small ideas.

Anonymous said...

They'll be in charge until the money runs out. Then we can declare success, raise everyones taxes and watch as they all move South with big fat State pensions. If there were any justice half of them would be indicted by now.

Anonymous said...

What has the EDGE accomplished in the past several years? How much have they spent? How much is taxpayer money? Does anyone in the county even care to report anymore?