Monday, August 04, 2014

Another Dirty Campaign on the Horizon?

I received a political survey call this evening. At first the questions were about general Republican issues . . . but then the questions zeroed in on the 101st Assembly District primary between incumbent Claudia Tenney and her Herkimer County challenger.

Many of the questions were almost verbatim from the negative campaign ads used against Ms. Tenney during her congressional primary . . . misconstruing Ms. Tenney's record by taking her votes out of context . . . which suggests that the same people behind the negative congressional campaign against her are at it again.

Happy to set her record straight, Ms. Tenney, in a switch for an incumbent, has offered her challenger four debates -- which not only exposes her record to criticism where warranted, but also gives valuable name-exposure to her challenger -- something he needs outside of Herkimer County.

Whether you agree on the issues with Ms. Tenney or not, isn't this what a candidate does who is really interested in being a public servant?

After more than two weeks, the debate-offer has yet to be accepted.

Rather than getting an issues-oriented race, voters need to get ready for another round of negative mudslinging by our local republican elite . . .  the best that money can buy!


Andrea Campbell said...

I was called by the same "survey," as were three other people I know. Beware: this is NOT a survey, it's a smear.

These people ought to be ashamed. Farber has nothing to run on, so his handlers are resorting to the lowest of the low.


Anonymous said...

A debate needs to be scheduled well in advance with both candidates invited ,if only one candidate appears the show must go on. Taking a page out of the Hanna playbook and refusing gives us(the voters) another denial of an informed choice.

Anonymous said...

The other candidate will exposed his inability to articulate any of the issues, inability to communicate in a meaningful way and that there is a huge void in his beling