Sunday, May 18, 2014

Symptoms of NY's "Malaise?" . . . or the Cause?

Per the OD today "1 Year Later, Oneida's deal showing results."  However, the problem with the OIN agreement, like the MVWA-Canal Corp. agreement, like the "StartUpNY" approach to economic development, is that they are all examples of "Crony Capitalism." In all three, the State government gives a special "deal" to a particular party while the impacts to/rights of non-participants get ignored. 

At some point, the people and businesses not on-the-take figure out that NY discounts their value, and they go elsewhere -- further undermining NY's economy.  


Anonymous said...

This is far more than Crony Capitalism, we are losing our sovereignty as a state to a fraudulent dictator who will now have the power to arrest anyone who dares to disagree with his tyranny.
Under the deal that the County Legislatures and the State Legislature were bullied into approving, entire towns will now be taken as federal territory. This is unprecedented in this country.

Anonymous said...

Bullied? More like bought off. Look at Picente crowing over the County's take. And where will it go? It's all up to King Picente. And while Picente crows over the county's windfall, we still have the 2nd highest sales tax in the State. And it will stay that way. After all, it's all about fairness, right? If the county lowered the sales tax rate, how would that effect OIN businesses? Hmm?

Anonymous said...

Both comments are accurate. We, in Oneida County, live under two nations, an issue a civil war was fought over in the 1860's. Today, our federal, state and county governments sanction it. Our democracy is fractured.

For what? Money? Where is the money going? There is never a reduction in taxes only more spending. We crow over surpluses which actually means we are overtaxed year after year. Yet the sheep of our citizenry seem to care less. We are indeed still a mill town with a mill town mentality.