Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Uh -Oh: The Headline Says It All

From the Tennessean: Remington Arms scouts Middle TN after N.Y. bans its rifle
People familiar with Remington’s exploration of sites said the company looked around the Nashville area as recently as within the past month.
So let's see . . . New York drives industries out of state with high taxation, high utility costs, and a high regulatory burden . . . and when that doesn't work it passes laws that target the industries left behind.

Yet at the same time, it gives away the store for government-sponsored industry (nanotech).

Sounds like Soviet Russia, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Yes it seems as though good old centralized planning with our money is alive and well in New York. Has Cuomo ever had a real job? How about Sheldon Silver? Or, the Joe Griffos and Jim Sewards of the State Senate?

Silence Dogood said...

People people people...GOVERNMENT and the support of same is why we citizens exist. Have you ever heard of a political person loosing his or her job because a company moved out??? This has been going on in our state and county for years and the same people and friends and relatives still show up someplace at taxpayer expense.
But it will all get better when the chip plant gets here. Until then you have to trust them

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gov. Cuomo, assembly persons, senators,and all local political types who are succeeding in dragging our local communities to new low economic depths. The governor and our local Albany reps. have done it to us again.

Anonymous said...

Even if we land one, will a chip plant that employs say 1,000 people really be the panacea it is hyped to be? It will be one decent size employer with good jobs a la a PAR technology. That would be good but hardly a game changer. Then when you add the public subsidies and the tax breaks, you really have a question of reward/cost.

Strikeslip said...

Anonymous 5:51 that is an excellent point. People seem to forget all the THOUSANDS of good paying jobs we've lost over the years. A chip plant will be a nice shot ... but it will simply be turning our economic status back to what we were in 2005 or so... not back far enough to, say, support scheduled airline flights. . . . Hardly a game changer.

Anonymous said...

More corporate WELFARE!!!

Silence Dogood said...

Its not a game changer by itself and I am not defending this at all.
But, one would hope if a chip plant made it here I could sell my house and get out of here earlier then 5 years from now.
Economic theory is spin off jobs would be created etc etc etc.
The opposite happens if Remington left. All those jobs that support all the spinoff jobs go away.
I am not holding my breath for eith to occur. False hope for the chip plant and more tax dollars for remington same old same old

Buzzer said...

I'm sorry... but the "nanotech" whatever will NOT help in terms of increasing the tax base or helping with the local economy.

First, all companies within a certain mile radius of SUNY schools will be tax exempt for ten years. TEN YEARS. So this business... and any that are around it... are going to be tax free. Tech companies, janitorial companies, restaurants, etc...

Second, any new employees with any significant income will most likely buy houses in Syracuse. IF any of you have contractor friends that work at Rome labs, you'll know that newer employees have been purchasing houses in and West of Canastota. This means that income tax and estate tax dollars will be going to Madison and Onondaga counties.

So Silence Dogood... you still won't be able to sell your house. Nobody with any mathematical intelligence would want to buy ANY house in this county. Good luck!

Silence Dogood said...

Buzzer I am not picking a fight just expressing my view. I am shooting for the spin off jobs to be able to support the purchase of my house as it isn't that expensive. The Nano engineers can live in the expensive stuff. Oneida County has some beautiful older homes that are priced right for the asking. Strike often speaks to urban sprawl. Isn't the purpose of the nano plant location is to drive the economy locally? Who ever gets the benefit of it and whatever employment it may create within the industry and supportive companies and spin off jobs we hope the whole region improves as a whole. After all it is Cental NY be it Madison county or Herkimer county or Oneida county

Buzzer said...


That may be so but it the facts are still facts... Income tax for "high income earners" in the industry will go to Onondaga and Madison County... NOT Oneida. And the "spin off" business money will probably benefit Onondaga county even more! Who would buy Oneida County furniture for their house in Syracuse? Who will buy groceries at a ghetto Price Chopper when at home they have Wegmans back home? Really... think about it.

I'm not picking a fight either. I'm just stating the facts of what's going to happen. We're going to pay massive taxes to get "nanotech" here, and we won't see any tax revenue from having it here.

And also the reason that Rome Labs contractors are buying houses in the Syracuse area is because buying in the Mohawk Valley region is a losing proposition. The assessments are too high, the taxes are too high, the actual value is laughably low, the price of renovating is excessively high, the location is horrible, and the prospect of selling is very low... Thus my wishing you "good luck" in selling your home.