Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boycotting "The Butler" . . .

I've received a couple e-mails requesting that I boycott the movie "The Butler." The Blaze  reports on one theater owner who is refusing to run the film. . . . there is even a The Butler Boycott Facebook Page.  What's the fuss all about?

While the inaccurate portrayal of the White house butler (no doubt to further an agenda to divide this nation along racial lines) is probably a good enough reason to boycott the movie, the big fuss is over one of its stars.

Jane Fonda stars as Nancy Reagan.

Folks of my generation need no explanation, remembering the Viet Nam War, the thousands of American soldiers killed, and Ms. Fonda's activities giving aid and comfort to those killing our men.

Ms. Fonda herself now calls her posing in a photo laughing and clapping with North Vietnamese soldiers "an unforgiveable mistake."

Ms. Fonda is absolutely correct, her actions were and are unforgiveable.

Those too young to remember those days should Google Jane Fonda, Hanoi Jane, and the Vietnam War.  (Throw in John Kerry while you're at it to understand who and what is running things in the country today).

I will not be seeing this movie.

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Dave said...

Sometimes people can change. Usually they get worse.