Saturday, April 20, 2013

Strange NH Public Library . . .

Per the OD: Negatives outweigh positives during library board meeting

But don't expect to figure out the headline by reading the rambling article with snippets of conversations thrown in.  Frankly, the article reads like it was either highly massaged to make certain people look good, or it was written by a committee.

If you want the straight scoop on the New Hartford Public Library shenanigans, always visit New Hartford Online Blog.  Here is the LATEST.... about poo poo.


Anonymous said...

There is humor to be found as one reads of the meetings; It's the country club ladies golf league against the public course team. The Yando/Sada Gata Lata against Stonebridge. That's New Hartford in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Here's a strange one. The New Hartford Town Attorney is reluctant to give an opinion on who owns the New Hartford Library. So New Hartford taxpayers are paying for it but may not even own it?
Per the OD: