Sunday, April 14, 2013

County Competence . . .

Oneida County 911 center seeks help with budget.
As Oneida County searches for ways to help fund its 911 emergency dispatch system, local officials have pointed the finger squarely at the state 
New York collects $1.20 per month on cellphone bills, and local officials say the roughly $190 million collected is supposed to be distributed to the many local 911 centers in the state.
But as explained in the article, the local officials got it wrong.  There was never a guarantee that the money from that $1.20 charge would go to the county's 911 center.  In fact, it can be argued that the county has already benefited from the $1.20 charge because it "won" the Homeland Security training center occupying the old OC Airport since Homeland Security is partially supported by that charge. Sounds like the County expanded 911 without knowing how to pay for it . . . and now it is the State's fault?

 County claims unfair treatment in business bid
Oneida County was not treated fairly by the state when it went up against Onondaga County in hopes of landing a fruit processing plant, say local officials ...
But as indicated by the article, the local officials appear not to have been aware of the advantage that the competing site had because it was a state-owned facility.  So now it is the State's fault that OC lost?  (Isn't government-created "unfairness" pretty much the norm in New York -- and hasn't Oneida County raked in $millions from state and federal programs for economic development that other areas might regard as "unfair" to them?  There seems to be never enough -- money or excuses.)

 From last August: NanoCenter project denied wetland permit
Work has already been completed on roads and water and sewer lines, but without the wetlands permit, the site can't be made shovel-ready. . . . EDGE is consulting with legal counsel and federal, state, and local officials to find out where to go from here.
Meanwhile the County has doubled down committing more money to infrastructure using the non-permitted nano-center as justification, including hitting up the State for a cool $5 million and hitting up sewer users for another $7 mil. This money is just piled on top of millions more spent while they've known of the permit problem for 8 years!  Is it smart to prepare a site that might never get a permit?

Airport, county seek operator for tower
Griffis International Airport is taking steps to line up its own air traffic control tower operator should the Federal Aviation Administration make good on its plan ot end tower funding June 15 . . . 
More taxpayer money thrown at an "International" airport with no scheduled flights -- on top of $10s of millions already spent on this white elephant.  It seems every 3 months there is a new need to tap the taxpayers.

At some point you just have to scratch your head and ask:  Does anyone in County government do more than a half-[baked] analysis before getting us deeper into these schemes?

But wait,  it gets much much worse . . .


Greens and Beans said...

Holy Cow why can’t Oneida County think out of the box? Onondaga County 911 operations are developing their 911 enterprise to “foster collaboration on a joint interoperable communications network for the Central New York State Syracuse Region, which includes the counties of Onondaga, Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, and Oswego.” I often wonder why Oneida County 911 does not expand its customer base. Private business routinely seeks to broaden its customer base in order to remain profitable. Perhaps Oneida County would do well to take a page out of the private business textbook, as its neighbor Onondaga County has, and become progressive rather than regressive.

Anonymous said...

The real question is whether, or not, the 911 consolidation saved money on a net basis. That fact never seems to be reported or discussed. If it did not, the idea of more expansion is questionable. Perhaps the Onandaga folks run thiongs more efficeintly and less politically. Would joining their operation be the better path?

As to all of the other issues raised. Time after time we are reminded that our county government is run by people of questionable abilities and large political goals and obligations. As we see in our high taxes and awful economy, this is formula that spells disaster for the taxpayer. Yet, we keep electing those who fail us. That says a lot of the area's mentality.

Silence Dogood said...

Please help me understand the issue of the Wetlands Permit. Does it pertain to just a large foot print project such as a Nano Tech plant or can a small plant like Agrana Fruit US Inc locate at a site like this without a wetlands permit?

In either case if the answer is a Wetlands permit is needed for any manufacturing plant we better stop spending money for this site until it is resolved. Follow the taxpayer's money and the answer will be told Tt is a money pit or "Build It and they will come" project.

Time to stop and evelauate what the heck is going on.

Anonymous said...

"What the heck is going on"? The newfangled international county airport, EDGE, 911 consolidation & other county sponsered schemes is a never ending gravy train benefitting the chosen few, all the while being supported by the rest of the suckers who live & pay taxes in this County.

How the hell can Picente call this mess an international airport when there has yet to be a private passenger airliner land there? I mean, one can't make this stuff up! Oh wait! Maybe cuz planes fly overhead on the way to Albany or Syracuse?

Anonymous said...


Look at their board, most are NOT business owners, they are heads of banks, insurance, schools, etc. Talk with the real business owners of Oneida and Herkimer Counties and get their opinion of EDGE. IT IS NOT GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, Someone did the last election. So much for the knowledge of the voter.

As for wetland permits, you only need one if a designated wetland is involved. The nano site and agri site are in two different areas. The agri site did not require a wetland permit since that area was grandfathered out of wetland regulations years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oneida County was grandfathered out as a place to prosper and grow years ago. We have become the place that time has forgotten. There is no future here, only the memories of the past. WHAT HAVE BE BECOME?