Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Rest of the Story on NH Library . . .

In the OD the headline is: Library board recommends DeRosa to fill opening
But, per New Hartford Online, the headline should have read: New Hartford Town Board Is Accepting Applications. NH Online:
Reality is that the library board can "recommend" anyone they want to fill an expired term, but according to NYS Education Law and the library's own bylaws, the town board has complete control over who is appointed to the library board when a term has expired. No "recommendation" from the library board is required.
And the Town Board is soliciting applications from residents interested in serving.  Get the details on NH Online

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Larry said...

New Hartford is really working hard to rival Utica for the award of most corrupt government in the region.

The process to appoint Mowat was done quick and proper. No one ever asked for "nominations." Yet, somehow, they were able to entirely disregard a motion that was on the floor. After saying it was simply for nominations, he then did exactly what was done at first and made a motion, got a second and rammed Morris' name down their throats.

This surely couldn't have anything to do with it being an election year and Morris being his past opponent and the fact that he can help discourage an opponent from the Democratic side. Of course not.