Wednesday, December 26, 2012

They Might As Well Be From Camden . . .

The Utica representatives on the Oneida County Board of Legislators, that is. Oneida County legislators approve hike in sewer rates
 If you are connected to the Oneida County Sewer District system, your bill is going to go up 13 percent in 2013. . . . 
The Oneida County Board of Legislators approved the new rates Wednesday at its regular meeting. . . 
The legislation passed the full Board unanimously.
Why do I single out Utica legislators?
The change is linked to the 2007 state Department of Conservation consent order that threatened to block development along the Sauquoit Creek line if certain repairs were not made.
The Consent Order was the end result of all the "growth" in New Hartford.  So now UTICA residents are forced to pay to improve County facilities to foster more surburban "growth." But where is the County allowing its facilities to be used to help Utica solve its storm water problem?

When will Mr. Trevisani, Mr. Paparella, Mr. Welsh, Ms. Speciale, Ms. Convertino, Mr. Caruso, Mr. Davis, and Mr. Furgol start representing Utica's interests?  

They might as well be from Camden!


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Couple the 13% sewer rate hike with the MVWA's annual rate hike come April 1st & these people will slowly but surly drive more people out of their homes.

And of course our "city leadership" {& I use the term loosly} as usual doesn't have a word to say as Utica residents are sucked dry by Picente & the board.

There isn't a one of them who deserves reelection. Not one, including our Mayor & the inept Common Council.

Anonymous said...

How do some of them get elected over and over again. Like Ms. Convertino

Anonymous said...

They get elected by very uninformed people!